MUN Bruneau Centre for Research

increasing MUN's capacity for research and outreach

Built using the structure of the defunct Thomson Student Centre, the Bruneau Centre houses a variety of functions that enhance the Memorial University’s capacity for research and community engagement. Business support services, laboratories, and other academic facilities are complimented by a 300 seat lecture theatre. Opportunities for informal meetings are provided by a generous atrium whose three levels are interconnected by a feature staircase. The atrium is further animated by plantings and a water feature, and enjoys ample natural light from extensive glazing.

Size Location Completion

MUN's Bruneau Centre for Research measures 9700 m².


MUN's Bruneau Centre for Research is located on the Memorial University Campus at 230 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John's.


The Bruneau Centre for Research was completed in 2005 and currently houses multiple facilities used by students, instructors, and speakers on a daily basis.

Inside the Bruneau Centre, the ground floor is mostly given over to seminar, laboratory and office spaces, with a generous amount of storage space for the samples and chemicals involved in the analytical processes in the building. The research space is developed in an interdisciplinary fashion, encouraging contact between normally separate faculties. The upper floor contains a large auditorium for lectures, as well as further office and research spaces.