At John Hearn Architect Incorporated, we believe in the value of creating solutions that blend form and function. We understand that spaces have to be attractive from the outside, while also making an efficient use of space on the inside. So, when it came time to build a new website, we knew that we wanted these same design principles to be reinforced, but in a digital space.

And we received exactly that from the team at John Atkins & Co. (JAC). Our new site makes use of stunning visuals of some of our projects and employs an easy to use navigation structure for an enhanced user experience. Also, you can visit the site on your mobile device and still have access to all of our site’s features. Ultimately, our new site allows users to learn about the work we do and see evidence of it no matter where they are.

We’re incredibly excited for this new resource and are looking forward to updating it with new projects. Also, make sure to keep checking back as we’ll be adding more stories to the site; these will share some stories that John and the team have gathered over the years. They’ll be an interesting glimpse into the world of architecture and we hope that you’ll enjoy them.