Sustainability has transformed from a rarely used, expensive “add-on” to a fully integrated, mainstream design element. At JHA, we consider the environmental impact of a building at every stage, and can advise clients and contractors on the appropriate steps to take in reducing that impact.

LEED® Certification

Whether or not a building is targeting LEED®, our design team aims to lower the cost to the environment that is associated with a building. LEED® certification is important because it is the recognized standard for sustainable design and instantly sets a structure and agency apart as being eco-friendly. To learn more about sustainable design and LEED® building standards, you can visit the Canada Green Building Council’s website.

Cost and Eco-Friendly

Many times, we are also able to generate cost savings for our clients by applying green technologies, the most common example being reduced operating costs achieved by a smart heating & insulation strategy. JHA was also the driving force behind the first permanent green roof system in Newfoundland, installed at Corner Brook City Hall.