Connecting Construction & Conservation

Architecture is a profession where Architects design & provide advice, including technical & aesthetic judgement of the built environment. Architects work closely with professional engineers who form part of the design team. The educational background required for architecture is more diverse than it is for engineering. The experience requirement is more wide-ranging for architects and more specific for engineers. The architect is expected to understand, assemble, and coordinate all of the building disciplines, whereas the engineer usually specializes in one discipline.

The architect is involved in all buildings and environments for human habitation and occupancy. Architects are not usually involved in other structures requiring engineers, such as bridges. Architects have traditionally filled the role of the prime professional responsible for managing and coordinating a project.

The practice of Architecture consists of the provision of professional services in connection with design, construction, conservation, and restoration or alteration of a building or group of buildings. These professional services include:

  • planning & land use planning
  • urban design
  • provision of preliminary studies, designs, models, drawings, specifications & technical documentation
  • coordination of technical documentation prepared by consulting engineers, urban planners, landscape architects and other specialists consultants
  • construction economics & science
  • contract administration
  • monitoring of construction & project management.

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