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The architect is sometimes engaged by the client to assist with programming. Functional programs are also referred to as design briefs, facilities programs, architectural programs, owner’s statement of requirements, space needs analysis, or simply as programs.

Time and money can be wasted because of lack of appropriate direction from a client. A functional program, which is usually developed jointly between the architect and the client, will result in better and more effective design solutions.

A functional program describes the requirements which a building must satisfy in order to support and enhance human activities. The programming process seeks to answer the following questions:

  • What is the nature and scope of the problem?
  • What information is required to develop a proper architectural solution to the problem?
  • How much and what type of space is required?
  • What space will be needed in the next five to ten years to continue to operate efficiently?

In preparing the functional program, the architect’s main task is to examine the client’s world in detail so as to define the client’s needs and objectives. These requirements help establish criteria for evaluating potential design solutions.

Functional Programs are often prepared as part of a design report and includes the following:

  • The client’s philosophy, values, goals, and desired image;
  • Site requirements such as parking, circulation, and orientation;
  • Explicit space requirements for the future building, including:
    • Definition of the activities which will take place in each space of the building
    • The functional relationship of the spaces
    • Spatial Relationship Diagrams and Flow Diagrams
    • The size of each of the spaces
    • Special technical requirements of each of the spaces and the building systems
  • Financial requirements and a preliminary budget;
  • Scheduling and time frame for the project;
  • Regulatory issues such as zoning and building code requirements;
  • Authorities Having Jurisdiction requirements;
  • Community goals and concerns;
  • Ecological and environmental concerns;
  • Recommended construction project delivery method.

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